Pavement Sealcoating

A sealcoat is sunblock for your pavement. A good quality sealcoat will protect your asphalt pavement from many different damaging factors, while providing the curb appeal of a new-looking black appearance. It’s often overlooked that sealcoating not only seals the harmful elements out but seals the beneficial properties of the asphalt cement in. Many years of research has proven that proper maintenance including a regular sealcoating plan, can double or triple the life of an asphalt pavement.

Sealcoats generally consist of a mixture of emulsified asphalt or water, mineral fillers, and various other mixtures. Sealing asphalt prevents water from penetrating the surface of the pavement and protects the top layer of asphalt from oxidation and wear caused by exposure to the sun, water and air.

When assessing your lot for sealing, we understand that the ability to continue to run your place of business is important to you – And to us! We always take into consideration the nature of your business, your days and hours of operation, and location of all exits and entrances to your facility. We will orchestrate and provide you with a sealcoating plan to help you understand how the project will be carried out, with the least disruption to business as possible.

We start each project by preparing the pavement for the sealcoat by scrubbing the entire surface using hand brooms, rotary brooms and or commercial road sweepers. We ask that all sources of water such as sprinkler systems be shut off the day before work is to commence. If grass edges exist, our crew neatly trims them back to a straight line. All debris and fine grit is blown off with large commercial blowers until clean – And we mean clean! The sealer is finally applied using high pressure spray and/or squeegee’s and brooms to a smooth jet black finish, ensuring no overspray or splatter on curbing, walkways, brickwork or garage doors. All traffic access to the freshly sealcoated sections will be blocked off with the use of caution tape or highway traffic cones.

Main Reasons to Sealcoat:

Protection – Weather, age, cracks, and many other elements will ruin your asphalt. Sealcoating literally seals moisture out and helps prevent damage from the winters freeze-thaw cycle, as well as the oxidation and ravelling effects from the sun.

Appearance – Keeping up the maintenance of your pavement is complimentary to your property. A driveway or parking lot with a rich, black and durable finish has curb appeal, and attracts more tenants and customers.

Value – Having an attractive asphalt surface, is one of the least expensive ways to increase the resale value of your property. Many real estate agents rely on Pavestar, for our sealcoating services.

Cleanliness – A properly sealed surface is much easier to keep clean. The blackness also helps dissipate snow and ice in the winter.

Longevity – When Pavestar seals your asphalt, we use a special mixture that penetrates the surface and promotes longer life of your asphalt. Replacement of a neglected driveway or parking lot can be expensive. Our sealcoating process will protect your investment and dramatically slow its deterioration.

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