Driveway Widening

Is your driveway not wide enough? Are you tired of shuffling cars? Have you received tickets for parking on the road? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then driveway widening is for you! Pavestar specializes in widenings and the quality of our workmanship shows. We take many considerations into account prior to laying out your widening design, such as what size vehicles you have, existing landscaping and whether you have a sidewalk or not. We generally keep widenings to a minimum width; still giving you a very functional driveway, aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The first step is laying out a string line to the desired dimensions and the grass line is cut so the edge remains crisp. The area is then excavated to allow for 8-10 inches of 3/4″ crushed stone and 2 1/2″ of hot mix asphalt. The excavated material is hauled offsite and crushed stone is then supplied and compacted in several layers using a vibratory plate tamper, and saturated with water to aid in the settling process. Your gravel widening is now ready to be used!

We will return in 4-6 weeks to pave, depending upon the condition of the sub base when we excavated. Attention should be given to not driving directly on the edge, where the crushed stone meets the grass – this just causes a mess. Keep your grass trimmed back until we return. If you want to install curbs or soldier brick, please make sure you have that done prior to us returning to pave.

When we return the gravel will be well settled, and any divots will be levelled up prior to paving. In most cases we saw cut the edge of your driveway before we start depending on condition. A tack coat is applied to the edge of your existing driveway to allow the new asphalt to bond. Once we’ve finished laying the asphalt we roll it using a power roller until compacted. You will need to stay off the freshly paved widening for a period of 4-5 days to allow it to “set up”. We would like you to water the new area a couple times a day, for the first few days to cool the asphalt. Do not turn your wheels sharp or drive directly on the edge of the widening or you may sustain tire marks. Your widening is now an integral part of your existing driveway, offering you convenience and added value to your property.

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